Air cargo heroes going not just the extra mile, but way beyond

posted on 5th February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Air cargo heroes going not just the extra mile, but way beyond

This piece, published in Cargo Airports & Airline Services (CAAS) as well as in Air Cargo Eye, Air Cargo News, Air Cargo Week, CargoForwarderGlobal, Freight Business Journal, Freightwaves, The Loadstar, PayloadAsia and The Stat Times, is for all those who have not just gone the extra mile, but way beyond.

Glyn Hughes, director general, TIACA:
During the worst global crisis of the past 75 years, the air cargo industry stepped up and showed its true value. When the world needed PPE, air cargo was there, when the world needed consumer goods, air cargo was there, and now when the world needs vaccines, air cargo is here. The world owes a collective thank you to the great men and women of the logistics and air cargo industry for their dedication to getting it done.

Adrien Thominet, chief executive of ECS Group:
To all those who work in supply and logistics, to all those who suffer and brave the statistics, to all those who remade our traditional ways of working and meeting as we travel this maze, to all the men and women who work hard to ensure that the passion we all share will always endure…
To all those working in our great industry, the world and its people thank you eternally.

Guillaume Halleux, chief cargo officer, Qatar Airways Cargo:

We don’t praise our staff enough – and I mean all the cargo workers around the world. What they have done in 2020 is amazing, and I’d like to give them a standing ovation. They have been really, truly exceptional.

Peter Gerber, chief executive, Lufthansa Cargo
The Coronavirus has pretty much turned the world and our industry upside down over the past year. Even in the most difficult and uncertain days, our team has found workarounds. With a great deal of heart and soul, we managed to compensate for a large part of the shortfalls. Even more: in close collaboration with our partners, such as customers, shippers, airports, ground handlers and authorities, we prepared intensively to bring large quantities of sensitive vaccines into the world quickly and reliably.