Air Cargo Handling Logistics (ACHL) Conference 2020 – Latest News


Uncharted Territory – Working in a post Coronavirus world.

Over the past month we have been following the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak. After careful consideration, we have taken the decision to cancel our physical 12th ACHL conference scheduled for 22nd – 24th September in Vienna and instead we will adopt an online format. Our top priority continues to be the well-being of our valued partners, and the industry at large. We are particularly mindful of the demands on individuals during this year, who would otherwise be in attendance at the event, as they face challenges head on.

We will therefore present the conference subjects for the industry to view online FREE OF CHARGE for all participants. Please see below for details on what we will discuss and how to view all recordings.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a ripple effect through every layer of industry. The key to our virtual event is connecting leading decision-makers from across the supply chain to support one another and work through innovative strategies which could potentially benefit the airfreight industry. The long-term effects of the COVID-19 are largely unknown, but one thing we would like to try to do is alleviate the fear and anxiety of the unknown.

Some of the key issues that the Airfreight Industry will be addressing:

1) How does the supply chain work to ensure the continuation of essential services?

2)How do we believe the airfreight industry stakeholders should adapt to prevent a similar outbreak occurring in the future?

3) Working practices with safe distancing, PPE, and hygiene. The prospect of 2nd wave infections

4) What impact, so far, has COVID-19 had on the airfreight industry revenue intake? With the continuation of this deficit what measures of support will be needed from local and central government?

5) As this is very new to the airfreight industry, how are associations preparing themselves to deal with and prevent further catastrophes?

6)Will new policies around surveillance and the limitation of civil liberties affect airfreight?

7) Looking to the future with PACE plans – primary, alternate, contingency, and emergency plans that can be utilised at a moment’s notice.


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No cost, but we ask you to donate in support of food banks within our local area and 50% of the donations will also go to the Global FoodBanking Network.

Unprecedented numbers of families have had to resort to food banks for emergency supplies since the COVID -19 pandemic triggered widespread layoffs Eva International Media Ltd has been supporting Purley Food hub for the last few years. We buy the food and make sure that it is directly delivered to the depot.

Our aim is to widen that support to a number of food banks within the South London area.

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Air Cargo Handling Logistics operators working together to help consolidate existing businesses throughout the aviation industry.

1 | Industry leaders of today – COVID ACTION: How are Air Cargo Logistics operators taking action to support global efforts to respond to the pandemic?

2 | Next decade: the roles of all players will change so how will airports, airlines, freight forwarders, GSSAs, integrators, postal authorities and supporting agencies like GSA’s and IT companies evolve to improve the value proposition for shippers and consumers?

3 | IATA, FIATA, TIACA, GSF, WCO, ACI, FAGSA, ASA Panel. What will the industry need to do or do better?

4 | Harmonisation of KPI’s – Setting standards for adoption.

5 | Cargo Handling creating a Sustainable Business

6 | Airfreight & Handling of Pharma

7 | Becoming a Global Changemaker

8 | Prosperity and the Sustainable Development Goals