Air Cargo Community Platforms Promise to Reduce Paper Waste

posted on 11th November 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Air Cargo Community Platforms Promise to Reduce Paper Waste

Cargo Community Systems that digitally connect all stakeholders in the air cargo industry on a common platform are the key to overcoming the industry’s greatest challenges, Kale Logistics Solutions’, Chief Executive Officer, Amar More, told delegates at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum in Miami, USA, today.

Airport congestion and operational inefficiencies that cost the sector vast sums in labour and result in tonnes of paper waste every year can be eliminated through the implementation of a common platform, changing the industry forever and for the better.

“Air Cargo Community Systems act as a true ‘Air Cargo Single Window’ system that eliminates duplication of data entry, reduces unnecessary paperwork, addresses airport congestion issues, enhances the security of the air cargo supply chain and brings shipment visibility to all stakeholders,” said More.

“As a neutral player in the supply chain, an airport being the anchor of such a platform will transform the whole industry.”

Shipment data is currently re-entered six times or more in the air cargo value chain, equating to unnecessary costs in labour, wasted time, truck queues, and frequent delays in the transportation process.

As a result, cargo stays on the ground 85% of total transport time, waiting for paperwork to be completed and exchanged.

“Kale estimates that Air Cargo Community Systems can unlock a value of over USD9 billion annually for the industry and save the equivalent of 120,000 trees a year by removing unnecessary paperwork, contributing to protecting the environment.

“Across the entire multimodal supply chain, more than USD50 billion could be saved in labour and inefficiencies.”