AEROTHERM Temperature Protective ULD tested on BOEING ecoDEMONSTRATOR flight

posted on 9th December 2019 by Eddie Saunders
AEROTHERM Temperature Protective ULD tested on BOEING ecoDEMONSTRATOR flight

In late November Boeing showcased AEROTUF’s latest ULD innovation (AeroTHERM Extra Cool) on its ecoDemonstrator 777.

ecoDemonstrator 777

Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator program provides customers with an opportunity to experience the latest in Boeing innovations that solve real-world challenges for airlines, passengers and the environment. The ecoDemonstrator 777 made its way to Germany where it was greeted by over 1,000 people keen to explore promising aviation technologies. Among those was AeroTHERM Extra Cool Temperature Protective Container which AEROTUF supplied for testing and recording temperature and performance.

Romar Frazier, BCA Advanced Concepts, said: “Sustainability is fundamental to the ecoDemonstrator program. We collaborate with partners such as AEROTUF to test technologies under real-life conditions in the air to accelerate innovation for the future of aviation.

Adam Barrington-Spencer, AEROTUF VP Sales & Marketing, said: “We’re pleased to support Boeing and its continued push for excellence, innovation and a more sustainable future.

Today a 3rd of the world’s food produced goes to waste, with 40% directly lost through the air cargo supply chain. This new Extra Cool AeroTHERM container will help to reduce that waste, whilst improving handling times and saving on materials cost.

This latest innovation further demonstrates our commitment towards a cleaner environment, by delivering stronger, safer & greener ULD solutions.

Tom Pherson, AEROTUF President, said “This new Extra Cool AeroTHERM model, further expands our temperature protective range, delivering even greater insulation to help keep perishable cargo cooler for longer, further reducing material and food waste, whilst maximizing durability, thanks to patented foam-core technology, standard in all AeroTHERM containers from 2020.”