AEI sees renewed interest in Classic conversions

posted on 10th March 2020 by Eddie Saunders
AEI sees renewed interest in Classic conversions

Following the ISTAT Americas conference, Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) is seeing renewed interest in its Classic 737 conversion programs and is expecting to have at least 10 Classics delivered or in work this year. Due to the continued MAX grounding and the pressure it has placed on feedstock throughout the industry, many AEI customers are looking for alternatives for cargo lift until the 737-800 feedstock frees up, and are finding that lift in both the B737-400SF and even the B737-300SF freighter conversions.

Our B737-400SF program continues to remain strong and we are seeing a renewed interest in our 10-pallet position B737-300SF program,” stated Robert T. Convey, AEI Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Globally, there are several hundred 737-300s still in service and of those, at least 75 are viable conversion candidates.”

In addition to FAA and EASA certifications, both the B737-400SF and B737-300SF conversions are certified by Russia, Brazil, India, Australia, and China.