ACL Airshop Becomes Launch Customer For First Ever Certified Collapsible AAY Container

posted on 8th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
ACL Airshop Becomes Launch Customer For First Ever Certified Collapsible AAY Container

VRR is proud to announce that ACL Airshop will be its launch customer for the first ever certified collapsible AAY container, following its successful presentation during Inter Airport Europe 2019.

ACL Airshop is a technology-enabled global leader in air cargo ULD logistics solutions, being a world leader in ULD leasing and tracking they know all about the challenges of managing a large fleet of ULDs. It gives its customers access to over 60,000 ULDs on six continents at 50 different stations.

However, even though ACL Airshop has invested significantly in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and being the first to market with these track and trace solutions, the challenge to get containers returned to their original location remains a tough nut to crack. 

“ACL Airshop is constantly investing in new technologies to gain more efficiency and cost savings. With the number of ULDs ACL Airshop has, we need to find ways to efficiently balance our fleet and service our customers demand” explains Jos Jacobsen, CTO of ACL Airshop.

“By embracing the development of this collapsible AAY container and the first to market these for our lease fleet is a logical step forward in optimising our management capabilities. E-commerce is becoming an integral part of our society, and the AAY has proven itself as a very good cargo carrier. In order to save on logistics we can now move the AAY container in larger quantities using less volume. This will save time and money for the airline and the end consumer. All these AAY containers will also benefit from our Bluetooth technology and FindMyULD application.”

VRR, the design and manufacturing company behind the collapsible AAY container, is so confident that its solution will help solve the current global imbalance in main deck containers that it is planning to introduce a series of collapsible and inflatable products over the next few years.

“When a large, reputable company like ACL Airshop becomes your launch customer, it strengthens your conviction to introduce other types of collapsible cargo containers to the market,” says Geert van Riemsdijk, Managing Director – VRR.

“It also highlights the close relationship between VRR and ACL Airshop and the confidence we share in collapsible containers. VRR is extremely grateful for the input that ACL Airshop provided during the design phase.”

Weighing in at approximately 280kg (617lbs), the collapsible AAY container can be erected and collapsed by two people in just two minutes. When folded, the container is seven times smaller, and has a height of only 255mm (10”). The units can be stacked up to four high on the B737F main deck, and six high on the lower deck of a wide-body aircraft. On land, the units can be stored up to six high.

The announcement that ACL Airshop will become the first company to buy the collapsible AAY container will be made at 14:30 on 8 October at Inter Airport Europe 2019. Both VRR and ACL Airshop would like to welcome you to Booth B6-668, where representatives will be available for questions.