ACHL 2019: Change the mindset and embrace digitisation

posted on 25th September 2019 by Justin Burns
ACHL 2019: Change the mindset and embrace digitisation

Digitisation and a change of mindset were identified today in Paris as the biggest change and obstacle facing the air cargo industry.

Delegates prior to the the Air Cargo Handling Logistics (ACHL) conference were asked what will be the biggest change in the next 10 years in the air cargo industry, and of the more than 150 people taking part, 50 per cent said digitisation will have the biggest impact.

22 per cent said disruption will be the biggest change, while 14 per cent felt that legislation/security will be and seven per cent new entrants.

A second question to delegates asking what are currently the biggest obstacles, interestingly saw 65 per cent go for mindset/leadership.

This was far more than the 18 per cent that went for a lack of technology (paperless) while nine per cent said it was legacy systems and eight per cent said infrastructure.

After the answers were revealed to delegates, the first panel session Air Cargo 2030 moderated by Chris Notter, independent consultant and gateway consultant for Naqel Express, a range of views were expressed and issues discussed.

Ludwig Hausmann, partner at McKinsey & Company, said the air cargo industry “paralyses itself” on digitisation.

He said industry stakeholders needed to embrace technology such as IoT, build end-to-end visibility into their operations and invest in digitisation.