Airbus chief gives backing to UK PM’s Brexit plan

posted on 10th July 2018 by Justin Burns
Airbus chief gives backing to UK PM's Brexit plan

Airbus chief executive Tom Enders has given his support today to the latest Brexit position set out by British PM Theresa May, according to a report by Reuters.

He had previously stated on Friday  (6 July), that the government had “no clue” in the processs, but Reuters reported today Enders said it appears to show the government is “going in the right direction” and he also reportedly said other home countries should be “pragmatic and fair”.

On Friday, PM May released a Chequers statement outlining her new plan for Brexit that she hopes to persuade European Union (EU) politicians over which includes a free trade for goods with the EU, close trade ties, and no hard border with Ireland.

Cabinet members initially backed the plans, but Brexit Secretary David Davis then resigned on Sunday night and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson then left his position yesterday, saying it was a “semi-Brexit” and was not delivering the Brexit that the British public voted for.

Many had speculated there would be a vote of no confidence in May by her Conservative Party MPs and a leadership run by Brexiteers MPs but this has yet to come.

On Friday, May’s Brexit plan was supported by Confederation of British Industry (CBI) who said business will welcome the fact the government has reached agreement and it was a “genuine confidence boost”.

CBI director general, Carolyn Fairbairn said: “Initial signs suggest the proposal is based on the evidence firms have provided on the impact on jobs and living standards. That is good news – particularly the free trade area for goods, which the CBI and its members have long called for.

“The hard work starts now, and time is a challenge. It has taken two years for the UK to agree its position; we now have two months to agree it with Europe. But it’s a good starting point.

“As negotiations begin in earnest, business insight has never been more important.  Detail matters – from customs arrangements to the need for the Government to keep fighting for our world leading services.

“Europe’s leaders must approach this proposal with an open mind and flexibility, putting jobs and economic growth at the heart of a future deal that delivers for both sides.”