National Airlines 747F flies to aid of stricken Mozambique citizens

posted on 29th March 2019 by Justin Burns
National Airlines 747F flies to aid of stricken Mozambique citizens

A National Airlines Boeing 747-400F flew from both Toronto and Amsterdam to Cyclone Idai-affected Mozambique with 70 thousand kilos of relief materials from the Canadian Red Cross Society.

Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique on 14 March, killing and displacing thousands of people and causing damage all across the country. Relief organizations have used National Air Cargo to deliver aid to the city which is reachable almost solely by air and sea due to the nearly 3000 square kilometres of flooded land.

National swiftly responded to the request from Air Charter Service (ACS) to launch an urgent relief supply mission.

The carrier said it is ensuring aid agencies that the relief materials are swiftly getting to the people and are currently working on additional relief movements. Governments across the world have offered support to the cyclone-ravaged Mozambique.

National specialises in reaching the most challenging and demanding locations, should it be in relief operations or in troop support, and has always played a vital part in assisting relief movements to countries affected by natural disasters.

National’s freight forwarding and airline entities have been instrumental in bringing relief support during the Ebola out-break in Liberia, earthquake in Nepal, flood relief in Philippines, hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, Super Typhoon Yutu-affected US Northern Mariana Islands.

Chairman, Christopher Alf said: “Our hearts and prayers are with those affected in Mozambique. National Airlines is and will always be committed to prioritizing relief missions ahead of our commercial operations. The Mozambique mission request was received and activated within 24 hours.”