AirBridgeCargo expands route network frequencies into Asia

posted on 25th March 2019 by Justin Burns
AirBridgeCargo expands route network frequencies into Asia

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has strengthened its footprint in Asia by increasing frequencies to its online destinations following an average five per cent annual growth in the region over the last five years to meet demand for additional capacity and delivery solutions.

As of the end of March, the company’s schedule now includes six Shenzhen (China) flights a week, eight Tokyo Narita (Japan) services and two Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) flights.

ABC says the additional capacity will reinforce its position in these markets as well as facilitate import/export flows of the respective stations.

All of these destinations are already well-established in ABC’s international network, with Shenzhen the latest addition to ABC’s APAC stations. It was launched at the end of last year and has been supported by stable customer demand, prompting the increase to six frequencies per week to accommodate various types of cargoes, including those requiring special handling procedures.

Not only has the city demonstrated high growth rates in recent years, it is also ranked in Asia’s top five cities in terms of its economic size and is the centre of the Special Economic Zone. It forms the largest manufacturing base in the world, together with Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and other cities of the Pearl River Delta.

ABC commercial director, Alexey Zotov said: “Being one of the three airport hubs serving Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen complements our APAC online stations and offers our customers more options for delivery of their consignments.

“With the airport’s plan for further cargo infrastructure expansion and construction of a third runway, we feel supported and confident that our flights will be operated smoothly and seamlessly, ensuring we can guarantee the level of quality our customers expect from us.”

ABC general director Sergey Lazarev added that customers will get “more flexibility and a variety of delivery solutions” to/from Asia.

“This will bolster our abc e-com product out of Shenzhen, abc XL and abc pharma from Narita, and abc general with abc valuable services from Ho Chi Minh City. Based on the backdrop of healthy and stable growth of Asian countries, ABC will be able to boost export volumes, at the same time accumulating burgeoning import volumes,” he said.

ABC has been operating in Asia since 2004, and its network currently covers 14 cargo gateways with the company being able to offer connectivity options and transport linkages through its hub in Moscow for deliveries to Europe and the USA.