MIA and Correios launch e-commerce shipping service

posted on 30th January 2019 by Justin Burns
MIA and Correios launch e-commerce shipping service

Miami International Airport (MIA) and the Brazilian Post Office (Correios) have launched Compra Fora (buy outside) – an expedited shipping service that allows e-commerce packages of all sizes from anywhere in the world to be shipped to MIA.

Packages are pre-cleared by Correios, and arrive in Brazil as domestic cargo within days instead of what used to take weeks or months.

Correiros chose MIA as its first Compra Fora partner in large part because the airport ranks first in the US for freighters to Brazil and 38 per cent of the entire MIA-Brazil air trade market.

Brazil is MIA’s largest international market for passengers and trade value, generating more than 1.5 million travelers and $12 billion in cargo shipments annually.

The new shippinh service was launched yesterday (29 January) in Brasilia.

Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos A. Gimenez said: “This landmark agreement with Correios once again reinforces Miami-Dade County’s role as the logistics leader in our hemisphere.

“I applaud the efforts of MIA and our trade community, for keeping Miami-Dade County on the forefront of innovation within the global air cargo industry.”

Through a joint venture between Miami-based logistics providers SinerlogUSA and Interport Logistics – who are the first two companies selected by Correios for the Compra Fora program.

Items purchased by registered Compra Fora customers in Brazil are stored at Interport’s facility within Miami-Dade County’s Foreign Trade Zone, before being inspected, pre-cleared and shipped from MIA with a Correios label.

Those shipments can then arrive in Brazil as domestic cargo and be transported to their final destinations via Correio’s logistics network. Compra Fora allows Brazilian customers to have their own postal network addresses, schedule and group their shipments, pay any required taxes or fees, and track their order with the Sinerlog Safety Tracker (SST) system.

The 2006 signing of a Sister Airport agreement between the Miami-Dade Aviation Department and the Brazilian Airport Authorities, in partnership with Miami-Dade County’s International Trade Consortium (ITC) was one of the contributing factors to the creation of Compra Fora.

As the busiest international freight hub in the Western Hemisphere, and through innovative programs like Compra Fora, MIA is uniquely poised to benefit from the global e-commerce boom responsible for $2.29 trillion in worldwide sales in 2017 – a figure projected to double in the next four years.

Market research firm Statista forecasts Latin America to be a strong e-commerce growth region during that span, with a projected doubling of annual sales from $29.8 billion in 2015 to $64.4 billion in 2019. Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy, and was responsible for an estimated 65 per cent of the region’s e-commerce sales in 2018.

“Compra Fora is the latest collaborative effort we’ve engaged in to streamline and expedite the shipping process across our global cargo network,” said MIA director and chief executive officer, Lester Sola.

“The Brazilian Government has designated MIA as the only US airport able to pre-clear e-commerce bound to Brazil. We expect that our new partnership with Correios will spur increased trade and commerce between Miami-Dade County and Brazil, the leading economy and e-commerce market in Latin America.”