PACT Pilot works smoothly for CHAMP and Icelandair

posted on 25th January 2019 by Justin Burns
PACT Pilot works smoothly for CHAMP and Icelandair

CHAMP Cargosystems – together with Icelandair – has successfully participated in Transport Canada’s PACT Pilot.

Using CHAMP’s TGS solution, pilot began and successfully transmitted messages on 11 October 2018.

PACT, like United States Customs and Border Protections’ Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) program, is a pre-load advance cargo information (PLACI) regulation pilot that involves air carriers submitting shipment information prior to loading so that data is assessed for security risk.

“Compliance and security will continue to grow in importance in the supply chain,” said CHAMP Cargosystems vice president of commercial & customer engagement, Nicholas Xenocostas. “CHAMP is proud to be a part of the PACT pilot. We are delighted that our long-time customer Icelandair Cargo could be an integral part of it.”

TGS is a platform that operates in a similar way to CHAMP’s highly successful and comprehensive Traxon Global Customs (TGC) service for pre-arrival filing for customs Advance Cargo Information schemes (ACI), currently supporting more than 55 countries worldwide. TGS is specifically designed to support multiple PLACI schemes from the same platform delivering a consistent and complete solution for security compliance.

“It is a natural progression to work with CHAMP Cargosystems in the PACT pilot,” added Icelandair Cargo cargo systems manager, Bertel Ólafsson. “Having already implemented TGS for the respective PLACI scheme in the United States “ACAS”, we know from experience that our security compliance is in good hands with such a user-friendly solution.”

In addition to TGS, Icelandair Cargo also benefits from CHAMP’s cargo management suite Cargospot, Traxon cargoHUB, Traxon Global Customs, and Traxon Quality to build the basis for efficient commercial and operational processes, data sharing, and meeting customs compliance requirements.