Survey finds many Atlas Air and ATSG pilots unhappy

posted on 21st November 2018 by Justin Burns
Survey finds many Atlas Air and ATSG pilots unhappy

More than half of surveyed pilots flying aircraft for the Atlas Air Worldwide Holding (AAWW) and Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) are looking to leave as are unhappy, according to the trade union Teamsters Local Union 1224.

The union said survey results were collected online in October and November from more than 1,200 pilots at AAWW’s subsidiaries Atlas Air and Southern Air, and from pilots at ATSG’s subsidiary ABX Air.

A press release on the survey read: “More than 60 per cent of pilots at carriers owned by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) and Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) who participated in a survey revealed they are preparing to leave their carrier and are seeking work at competitors like UPS and FedEx.”

Both AAWW and ATSG are responsible for a growing amount of Amazon Air and DHL deliveries, the union said. Atlas Air is currently contracted to fly 20 aicraft for Amazon Air, while ABX Air flies six aircraft for Amazon Air, Teamsters said. Both carriers also fly for DHL, which Southern Air flies for exclusively.

According to the survey, more than 75 per cent of pilots who responded strongly disagree that morale at their carrier is high and 80 per cent said they would not recommend their carrier to a friend working in the industry.

The union also more than 80 per cent strongly disagree when asked if they are satisfied with pay and benefits at their carriers, while 91 per cent of pilots strongly disagree that their pay and benefits meet the industry standards for their peers doing the same job.

And more than 65 per cent of pilots have been asked to fly on their off-days in the last year and nearly 65 percent of pilots at ABX Air say their quality of life since joining the carrier has declined significantly.